Frequently asked questions

What is the price for the Zipline?
450 kn / 59.73 €

How can I indicate my arrival?
You can contact us by phone at +385 98 626061, or simply come to the Zipline.

What is the duration of the ride?
The duration is usually two hours, depending on the number of people within a group.

What is the appropriate clothing for the Zipline?
We recommend comfortable clothing, shorts, and t-shirts, hiking boots or alternative sneakers.

What if the weather is bad?
In the case of bad weather, reservations are postponed for another day because of safety reasons.

Do I need special physical abilities and skills?
No, everyone can experience this adventure, taking into account the rules stated above.

Is the ride safe?
Of course! Our Zipline has all the necessary safety permissions and certificates, qualified and trained staff; in compliance with all the technical requirements.

How to reach us?
Treskavac is located between the town of Krk and Baska. It is possible to come by car or bus.